Terms of service

1- Accepting the limits and conditions of service:

This agreement is valid between you and the “Magazine Website”.
Your use of Nbdat website means your acceptance of the terms of service set out below. By using the “Nbdat.com” website or sections, you acknowledge that you have read the terms and conditions of service and that you agree to that. You also agree to read these Terms of Service and Use carefully before using this website. 

If you do not agree to these terms and conditions of use, you are not permitted to access or use the Nbdat website.

2- General procedures:

  • The Nbdat website can conduct monitoring on the sites or sections of the site, and it can also dispose freely of any information or materials sent to it by you or collected during your use of the site, and it can disclose it in any case authorized by law.
  • The site of the magazine has full authority to change, alter, increase or decrease any part of this agreement, in whole or in part, and at any time, and any modification to this agreement will be announced on the site.
  • The site may change, suspend or discontinue any aspect of the sites or sections at any time, including the contents and databases contained therein.
  • The site can also impose limits on certain contents or services or set conditions for your access to the site or any part of it or any part of it without advertising or legal liability.
  • When you send messages, send files, enter data, or make any form of communication (individual or group communications), you grant the “Nbdat” the full right to use these “communication” by copying, licensing, adapting, distributing, disclosing and making them public and re-publishing them. Create, communicate, modify, edit and use them to benefit from them in every field of media known today or developed later, on a permanent, global, final, unlimited, non-exceptional and free basis.
  • You hereby waive all rights in any claim against (Nbdat.com) relating to any breach, real or alleged, of any proprietary rights, rights of confidentiality and publicity, moral rights, and rights of attribution attached to such Communications.
  • You acknowledge that such communications to and from the Journal’s website are not confidential, and that your communications may be viewed and read by others.
  • You acknowledge that when you send these communications to the Nbdat site, the site is not linked to any confidential, financial, contractual, implicit or other relationship except for the relationship authorized by this agreement.

3- Membership account, password and security measures:

You will receive your password upon completing your registration on the site, and you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the password, and accordingly you bear full responsibility for everything that may happen to your password or account, and thus agree to:

  • Immediately inform the site administration of any illegal use of the password or account in your possession, or any other breach of security measures, and suspend the account without re-opening this account, and you can create another account.
  • It confirms your exit from your account at the end of each session within the site.

The site assumes no responsibility in the event of any loss or damage that may result from your failure to comply with this third paragraph.

4- Privacy Policy:

The registration data and some other information about you falls under the privacy policy of the Nbdat site, and the personal information you provide on the site will not be shared outside of it without your permission.

5- Membership behavior:

You represent, warrant and undertake that:

a)- You will not withdraw, send, communicate, distribute or publish any of the materials available on the Nbdat website, which would:

  • To limit or prevent any other user from using the site and benefiting from its contents.
    To violate the law or carry a threat, aggression, slander, slander, obscene, immoral, offensive, or contrary to morals and ethics.
  • To induce or encourage conduct that is criminally offensive, which could lead to civil liability or any form of breach of law.
  • infringe, steal or override the rights of other third parties in relation to all intellectual property rights without limit, registered commercial rights, patent rights, private and public rights or any other proprietary right.
  • That these materials contain an information virus or anything else harmful to the Site.
  • To have any information, software or other materials of a commercial nature available.
  • To include any advertisement or publicity whatsoever.
    or to constitute or have false or misleading references to the source of information or news.

B)- You must review and agree to the terms of registration on the site, and your registration on the site means your acceptance and commitment to the terms of registration and participation, and when you breach any of these conditions, the site management has the right to suspend or cancel your account immediately.

6- Compensation:

Under this contract, you agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the Site and all that may lead to liability and losses to the Site and all of its officers, directors, owners, agents, employees, news and software providers, affiliates, licensors and licensors, and in general, the “indemnified parties” for all liability and losses incurred by you in connection with any claim arising from any breach by you of this Agreement or any form of future agreements, warranties and contracts, including all reasonable court costs arising from or in connection with any such claim. 

The Site reserves the right, at its own risk, to bear the burdens of defense and determination in any matter relating to your compensation, and hereby you are not permitted in any circumstances to decide on any matter without the written consent of the Site.

7- Disclaimer:

  • Nbdat website is committed that all of its contents, information systems, functions, materials and information provided on the site are displayed “as is” according to the maximum extent permitted by law.
  • It does not provide the site, nor any of its affiliates or subsidiaries, makes any representation or warranties whatsoever related to the content of the site or any of the materials, information and functions usable by the information systems available on the site.
  • It is not responsible for any products, services, or electronic links connected to third parties, nor is it responsible for any breach of security associated with the transmission of sensitive information through the Site or any of its links.
  • Moreover, the site does not give any guarantees, whether explicit or implicit, related, without exception, to non-violability, integrity of trading conditions, or validity related to any matter.
  • The site does not guarantee that the functions on its website or any of its materials or content will not be uninterrupted or error-free.
  • Nor does the site guarantee that such defects will be corrected, or that the site or the information system on which it operates will be free of viruses or anything harmful.
  • Neither the site, nor any of its affiliates or subsidiaries, shall be liable for the use of the site, including without exception, the content or any errors in it.

8- Full agreement:

This Agreement constitutes a complete contract between you and Nbdat.com with respect to your use of the Site.
Any claim, about any act related to your use of the site, must be filed within one month of your submission of the objection, or the cause of the said act arose. 

If, for any reason, the competent judicial court finds that it is not possible to implement any provision of the agreement, or part of it, this clause shall be applied to the maximum permissible and authorized limits, so that the meaning of the agreement is implemented, provided that all other provisions and provisions of the agreement remain in effect and in force. effect. 

The site disclaims any responsibility for the content of any third-party materials, available through the links and links on the site or published by members of the network.

9- Comprehensiveness of the agreement:

The “Nbdat” contains links and references to other websites or sections of the Internet, resources around the world, and links to official sponsors or advertisers. By a third party, the “Nbdat” or the third party, does not bear any responsibility, and does not represent any kind of endorsement of the contents of those sites or sections, and the “Nbdat” is not responsible for the opinions, viewpoints, ideas, statements and information presented therein, or distributed across it, and it does not represent the site’s point of view. 

You are advised that any reliance on such opinions, advice, views, ideas, statements, reports and information is at your own risk. 

Nbdat website reserves the right, at its own discretion, to correct any errors or defects in any part of “Nbdat.com” sites or sections, and “Nbdat.com” does not and cannot review all materials published on its pages that are registered by users, visitors and members. Or the “magazine website” sections are not responsible for these materials. 

Nbdat.com website or any section of “Nbdat.com” reserves in any case its permanent right – and when necessary – to disclose any information that would benefit justice, public order and government requirements, as well as to check, revise, reject or delete any materials in whole or in parts that it finds on the network Abu Nawaf, according to its own assessment, is reprehensible or contradicts the terms of this agreement.